Life's too short to sit in traffic.

Life's too short to sit in traffic.

Eskuta - Kicking Petrol's Ass

The Eskuta vision is a simple one: to bring freedom of motion to the masses. We believe we’re creating a revolution – and we’d love you to come along with us on the ride. All of our electric scooters are classed as “electrically assisted pedal cycles” so they can be ridden on the road and in cycle lanes by anyone over the age of 14. Plus, we forgot to mention there’s no license, tax or insurance to worry about; how cool is that? Eskuta’s are designed with only one thing in mind: you, the rider. Sure, an Eskuta is all-electric, cheap to run and eco-friendly but more than anything they’re amazing fun to ride.

Using the latest lithium-ion battery and ‘super-torque’ motor technology, no other electric scooter looks like an Eskuta or performs like an Eskuta. We don’t conform to convention, and neither do you. Innovate with us and let’s do it in style. Don’t be left in the dark. Join the revolution. #GetVolts

We are Eskuta.

Based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, we manufacture what we consider to be the best electric mopeds, scooters and cargo bikes available on the market today.

Our online shop lets you find out everything you need to know about switching to an electrically powered bike and making the right purchase, all in one place.

We are an extremely knowledgeable team who provide you with outstanding electric scooters as well as all the information you want or need, outstanding customer service and after-care which will ensure you're happy with your purchase for years to come.