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1-15102Q11112 - Track Solid-GPS Tracker


All SX-250 eBikes Eskuta’s are fitted with a concealed state-of-the-art tracker. These 4G enabled trackers allow you to monitor your eBikes location, use ‘playback’ to view recent journeys, geo-fence so you can fix an area for where your SX-250 can and can’t go and ‘remote cut-off’ should your eBike ever be stollen. This is all via the TrackSolid App, which can be downloaded for iOS and Android smartphones.


Advantages of this service include:

  • Stop unauthorised use of vehicles
  • Reduce overtime claims
  • Use Playback feature to see specific journeys and journey times
  • Improve customer service by knowing where your riders are
  • Improve route planning
  • Automated reporting
  • View a vehicle's position from any PC or phone
  • Geofence an area
  • Remote cut-off if the bike is stollen

Simply follow the instructions in the Information Pack you would have received with your bike.

The tracking service costs £10 a month and can be ordered by clicking the button below and completing your payment details. We will then get in touch with you to activate the service and talk you through how it all works.

While this is a monthly service which is subject to 12 months contract.

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