Electric Cargo & Last Mile Delivery Bikes

E-Cargo & Last Mile Delivery Bikes

The Eskuta SX-250d e-cargo bike offers the ideal battery powered urban delivery solution for fleet or self-employed riders.
 e-cargo bike

 cargo box

Cargo Delivery Box With Company Logo


 electric cargo bike handlebars

Handlebars with mirrors, GPS holider, speedo, range display & USB charge point

 electric walk-mode

Other controls include walk-mode button, indicators, front & rear lights and horn




Local delivery services are always looking for more efficient and cost-effective solutions to getting cargo to it's destination.

E-cargo bikes are being utilised for an array of different services including:

  • Take away delivery
  • Package and parcel delivery
  • Last mile delivery services


Electric delivery is available with EAPC bikes (electrically assisted pedal cycles), electrically powered scooters and mopeds which are designed to look, feel and perform as similarly to their petrol alternatives as possible.

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These days the availability of electric cargo bikes is such that delivery riders can replace their petrol mopeds or pedal cycles with a battery powered scooter where the rider will benefit from:

  • Zero annual tax
  • Riding in bus lanes and easily navigating traffic congestion
  • An almost silent motor
  • Great mileage range per-charge
  • Considerably lower running costs
  • An environmentally friendly way to delivery goods


Buying an e-cargo bike online is easy and the bike will be delivered to your door.

Finance options are available too - Order online from Eskuta and you'll be offered to buy the bike on finance at checkout, making paying for the bike easy.

All this means that new and existing self-employed riders or fleet services can access electric delivery bikes today and start taking advantage of the benefits these bikes offer for cargo delivery.

Electric Cargo Delivery Bike