The Environmentally Friendly Bike For Urban Deliveries

Electrically powered delivery mopeds.

Electric Delivery Bike 


The Eskuta SX-250d electric delivery bike offers the ideal battery powered urban delivery solution.

Designed as the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to a petrol powered bike, Eskuta's electric delivery bike looks great and offer a real performance at the same time, and reliability to match. All from an electric motor which has no emissions and costs less than £1 to charge.

Simple and money saving

No licence required & No road tax to pay

    The benefits soon add up

    Reduce costs | Effortless deliveries| Easy Storage
    If you're looking for a cost effective, efficient way of delivering on a moped then our electric delivery bikes are the ideal solution. Compact and easy to ride, features and appearance that are similar to a petrol moped, easy and economical, with a box on the back for simple storage, the electric bikes are the perfect solution for any urban delivery company.

    It's time to go green and start saving:

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    Getting a delivery from A to B is something most delivery companies have to do every day. And it comes at a cost - Waive most expenses goodbye, by switching to an electrically powered delivery bike for your business.

    Battery powered mopeds are an affordable electric solution which offer true practicality and the ability to easily be ridden on roads, in bus lanes and along cycle lanes - Making most urban journeys as easy as they can be.

    Is it time to simplify your deliveries?

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