The Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Electrically powered mopeds, for the ride.


Electric Mopeds by Eskuta 

The Eskuta electric moped range offers the ideal battery powered moped

Designed as the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to a petrol powered bike, Eskuta's electric mopeds look great and offer a real performance at the same time, and reliability to match. All from an electric motor which has no emissions and costs less than £1 to charge.

Simple and money saving

No licence required & No road tax to pay

    The benefits soon add up

    Reduce costs | Effortless journeys | Easy Storage
    If you're looking for a cost effective, efficient way of travelling around then our electric mopeds are the ideal solution. Compact and easy to ride, features and appearance that are similar to a petrol moped, fun and economical, the electric bikes are the perfect solution for any rider.

    It's time to go green and start saving:

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    Getting from A to B is something most of us have to do every day. Travelling to work, visiting friends, getting to university or school, it all involves travel.

    Even those of us who ride the bus still need to get to the bus stop...

    Battery powered mopeds are an affordable electric solution which offer true practicality and the ability to easily be ridden on roads, in bus lanes and along cycle lanes - Making most urban journeys as easy as they can be.

    Is it time to simplify your journeys?

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    Petrol powered mopeds have been around for years and recent studies suggest that due to the nature of the engine and the locations that they tend to be ridden, these bikes are high polluters.

    That's not good for the environment. The industry has been searching for a solution to the eco friendliness of petrol mopeds and now we've got one.

    Eskuta's electric mopeds offer just about everything that a petrol moped could do for you, but without the pollution; electric mopeds give off zero emissions.

    Alongside the environmental advantages are the cost savings that come with choosing an electric moped as your method of transport.

    There's no fuel to put in, so there's no regular running costs except the for the charging of the battery.

    There's no road tax required: Eskuta's electric mopeds are classed as pedal cycles, so they don't need an annual road fund licence.

    There's no licence or CBT needed - You can start riding an electric moped on the road, in bus lanes or cycle lanes, legally, from the age of 16.

    They're trendy, durable, powerful and economical.

    So if you're considering getting a moped maybe you should be thinking about the long term advantages of choosing electric for your bike.

    We've seen thousands of customers ride away on electric mopeds, smiling as they go. There's just something about the combination of style, cost savings and environmental savings that give riders the freedom to know that they're getting a great moped that's good for everyone.