Folding Electric Bikes

Designed For An Easy Journey

The environmentally friendly folding electric bike

Folding Electric Bikes from Eskuta


The Eskuta SF-250 is the ideal electrically powered folding bike

Designed for easy transportation, the SF-250 looks great and offers real performance at the same time, and reliability to match. All from an electric motor which has no emissions and costs less than £1 to charge.

Simple and money saving

No licence required & No road tax to pay

    The benefits soon add up

    Reduce costs | Effortless journeys | Store away easily
    If you're looking for a cost effective, efficient and mobile way of travelling around then the SF250 is the ideal electric bike. Compact and easy to ride, walk with, transport or store away, the SF250 folding bike meets the needs of modern commuters.

    It's time to go green and start saving:

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    Getting from A to B is something most of us have to do every day. Travelling to work, visiting friends, getting to university or school, it all involves travel.

    Even those of us who ride the bus still need to get to the bus stop...

    The SF250 from Eskuta is an affordable folding electric bike which offers true practicality and the ability to easily be ridden on roads, in bus lanes and along cycle lanes while easily being foldable and can be rolled on to other public transport.

    Storage is simple too, the bike can quickly be switched off, folded and stowed savely in a cupboard, hallway or shed with plenty of options regarding locking the bike up too.

    Is it time to simplify your journeys?

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