mission statement

“To Inspire Sustainable Mobility and Freedom for the Masses”

Based in Warwickshire in the UK, Eskuta are designers and manufacturers of electric vehicles for the eCargo and leisure markets. We not only design and manufacture e-cargo bikes; we also have a range of electric bikes and scooters for the leisure and retail markets.

At Eskuta we have a driving force to create products which are a sustainable alternative to combustion-engined vehicles and which have the least possible impact on the environment.

We believe electrification can bring freedom of motion to the masses, whilst at the same time contribute to the longevity and health of our planet. Our products are designed with this goal in mind, cost effective, intuitive, micro and sustainable.

Eskuta is not just a brand or a product, it is a state of mind, a vision and a collective of designers, engineers, users and visionaries who recognise the future of electric mobilty for now and not just the future.