Eskuta has a vision of revolutionising the world of home delivery with the Eskuta SX-250d electric bike. The Eskuta looks and performs similarly to a petrol moped, but is classed as an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC).

The SX-250d has the features, benefits and robustness of a moped with all the cost savings of a bicycle – in addition to it being great for the environment.

We’re creating a revolution in home delivery and we’d love you to come along for the ride!


Efficiency is key to delivery and Eskuta provides exactly that. The fact the Eskuta SX-250d is classed as an EAPC or ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ means it can be ridden in cycle & bus lanes and allows you to avoid the dreaded traffic that slows your system down. 

Eskuta’s get close up to your store and can usually park right outside your customers’ door, saving your team members valuable time and the business money.

The Eskuta is equipped with a ‘super-torque’ 250W motor that takes the legwork out of riding the bike. This ensures that your store riders deliver quickly and on-time, but also they are not fatigued and are ready for the next order.

Helping make recruitment a doddle. An Eskuta bike this allows you to have a much wider pool of enthusiastic team members as you’re not restricted to moped riders that require a CBT. 

Your team members can all be trained to ride the Eskuta; creating labour efficiencies for your store, saving your business money as you don’t need riders waiting around.


Customers are becoming more and more savvy and undoubtedly will align themselves with credible brands that think and act ethically. With an Eskuta, you are taking proactive steps towards a more eco-friendly business model that will further enhance your business’ brand and image.

The take-away brand a customer selects has an ever-increasing range of criteria. Apart from all the great things that makes your brand special, delivering via an Eskuta and making a positive impact on the environment only further solidifies you as the brand of choice for customers.

The way in which food and other products are ethically delivered is an ever-growing consumer demand. Delivery efficiencies in parallel with cost savings are therefore fundamental to the continual success of your business and brand. Eskuta allows your business to make these efficiencies, save money and offer a solution that is an environmental and sustainable model for the future of urban delivery.

Eskutas- Used by Just Eat


See how Scoops, an ice-cream parlour and  Just Eat Partner are benefiting from using our SX-250d Electric Bike.