Benefits for your business

Eskutas- Used by Just Eat


Eskuta has a vision of revolutionising the world of home delivery with the Eskuta SX-250d electric bike. The Eskuta looks and performs similarly to a petrol moped, but is classed as an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC). The SX-250d has the features, benefits and robustness of a moped with all the cost savings of a bicycle – in addition to it being great for the environment. We’re creating a revolution in home delivery and we’d love you to come along for the ride!

It’s lightweight lithium ion battery for longer life and less charging time comes as standard – as does the front disk brake and adjustable rear shock absorbers. Plus, the SX250d is kitted out with a remote control audible alarm and plenty of storage in the front glove box. There’s plenty of storage on-board too with its front glove box. Also, the lighting is all LED so you’ll not only standout but you’ll save battery life too. 



  • Ethical delivery solution – a great PR story for any restaurant brand!  
  • Ability to employ 16+ years to ride an Eskuta  
  • Insurance – only public liability insurance required   
  • Staff flexibility – allows for in-store team members to be cross-trained riding the Eskuta creating labour efficiencies  
  • Larger staffing pool and recruitment cost savings  
  • Comparable run times to petrol mopeds & cars   
  • Able to house in-store – Eskuta’s have an electric motor and do not contain combustible fuel or pollutants   
  • Reduced mileage costs over petrol scooters – only 10p for a full electric charge   
  • Can be ridden within bus and cycle lanes; improving delivery time efficiency   
  • Almost silent, it can be used late at night in provincial locations, which have restrictions on petrol scooters   
  • Restricted to 15.5mph – ensuring greater rider safety   
  • Eskuta bikes are a lower cost of CAPEX / Lease over combustible engine vehicles