Shipping and Tracking - CTS

How is an Eskuta delivered?

If you’re buying directly from Eskuta then we will deliver your new Eskuta directly to your door. Bikes are delivered fully assembled and charged, ready to ride. All bikes undertake a PDI or ‘Pre-Delivery Inspection’, so you can be sure your Eskuta reaches you in perfect order.

If you’re buying your bike through a local approved Eskuta dealership then you can expect exactly the same service as buying your Eskuta directly, only with the added benefit of being close to you. Your local dealership will deliver your new Eskuta free of charge if you’d like, but there’s more chance of you wanting to pick it up and get out riding.

What is the Delivery Lead-time?

Delivery is dependent upon your location; we always try to get your Eskuta to you as quickly as possible. Each Eskuta is built to order, so that’s especially for you and each order has a ‘Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) and test ride to ensure your Eskuta is perfect. 

Manufacturing usually takes 7 – 10 days, so we quote 14 days for delivery. On most occasions, it usually a little bit quicker. 



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