Designed For Take-Away Delivery

The environmentally friendly delivery bike

Take-away delivery bikes

The Eskuta SX-250d is the ideal electrically powered delivery bike

Designed to perform, the SX-250d looks and feels just like a moped, offering performance and reliability to match a delivery moped but without the high running costs and polluting exhaust.

Simple and money saving

No licence required & No road tax to pay

    The benefits soon add up

    Reduce costs | House in store | Ride in bus and cycle lanes
    Any business seeking ethical delivery will thrive from using the SX-250d. With it's ease of use, outstanding practicality on the road and attached delivery box, your orders can be safely transported without the additional cost or environmental damage of a petrol moped.

    It's time to go green and start saving:

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    Delivering takeaway food, whether it's pizza, fish and chips, kebabs, Chinese or Indian food, is an integral part of the business for any good fast-food provider.

    With your customers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, it's the perfect time to demonstrate that your business is doing it's part to offer clean deliveries with electrically powered bikes instead of petrol mopeds.

    Cost savings over the short and long term are plenty, and the convenience of using electric cargo bikes makes storage simple, finding staff to ride the bike becomes easy and your impact on the environment is vastly reduced.

    Start showing customers that you really care...

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