Papa Johns SX-250d Electric Bike Deposit

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Eskuta has a vision of revolutionising the world of home delivery with the Eskuta SX-250d electric delivery bike. The Eskuta looks and performs similarly to a petrol moped, but is classed as an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ (EAPC). The SX-250d has the features, benefits and robustness of a moped with all the cost savings of a bicycle – in addition to it being great for the environment!


Price is Inclusive of VAT


  • Lightweight lockable and removable Lithium ion 48V battery pack
  • High torque 250W high-efficiency brushless hub motor with pedal assist system
  • Removable Dedicated Lithium Ion charger with internal cooling fan and 13amp 3 pin plug (U.K) or a 2 pin Type F plug (Euro), charge anywhere, at home, school, Uni, work etc.
  • Approx. 50 miles (80km) range on a single 6 hour charge
  • Walk mode button taking you up to 4mph/6kmph
  • Technology Bar with integrated GPS holder and USB charging port
  • Rear box carrier with sliding mechanism or removable bag, tray and carrier
  • Integrated rear lighting and indicators
  • Powerful front disc brake and rear drum brake
  • Alloy rear foot pegs
  • Strong electro plated lightweight steel frame
  • Impact resistant high quality body panels
  • Digital MPH (U.K & U.S.A) and KPH (Europe) speedometer with power level indicator
  • Ultra bright LED headlamp with hi/lo beam, rear lamp and side indicator lamps
  • Steering lock
  • Folding pedals
  • Lockable front glove box
  • Alloy wheels
  • Reinforced road tyres
  • CE conformity certificate
  • 12 months warranty or 8,000 miles*
  • Alarm and immobiliser fitted


Battery range figures are an average and subject to conditions, gradient and rider.


What do expect after paying your deposit?

  • Once the deposit is taken, the SX-250 will go into production.
  • Once the SX-250 is built, we will contact you to take the remainder of the balance.
  • This is typically between 2-4 weeks.
  • Full payment, or a payment plan will then be set up.
  • Your SX-250 will then be put onto a delivery schedule.

Please note: Deposit is non-refundable as all eBikes are made to order. 


How to use the SX-250

  • Set up your mirrors correctly.
  • Extend pedals 
  • Switch on ignition
  • Press the green "Go" button
  • Once moving, release the green button and begin to pedal.
  • The SX-250 will now automatically go to top speed.
  • To slow down, simply stop pedalling and apply the brakes.
  • When cornering, use the green "Go" button to cruise through corners and remain in control.