SR-1200 Electric Scooter
Sr-1200 Electric Scooter Black
Sr-1200 Electric Scooter
Sr-1200 Electric Scooter
Sr-1200 Electric Scooter
Sr-1200 Electric Scooter White
Sr-1200 Electric Scooter

SR-1200 Electric Scooter

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Eskuta has a vision of revolutionising the world of personal transport with the Eskuta SR-1200 scooter. The Eskuta SR-1200 electric scooter looks and performs similarly to a petrol moped, but is fully electric, saving running costs for your business and being kind to the environment.

The SX-1200 is the perfect electric scooter for getting around in style and has the features, benefits and robustness of a petrol scooter with all the cost savings of being electric - in addition to being great for the environment! We're creating a revolution in home-delivery and we'd love you to come along for the ride.


ϟ Robust & reliable motorcycle-grade components
ϟ 50 - 60 miles range on a single charge
ϟ Panasonic lithium-ion removable battery pack
ϟ Built-in LED lighting
ϟ Air suspension and tubeless motorcycle tires
ϟ Front & rear disc braking
ϟ Alarm, immobiliser & locking steering
ϟ 12 months unconditional warranty


ϟ CBT to ride
ϟ Reduced insurance rates for electric scooters
ϟ Greatly reduced servicing and maintenance costs over petrol scooters
ϟ Almost silent, it can be used late at night in provincial locations, which have restrictions on petrol scooters
ϟ Ethical delivery solution