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Eskuta’s are classed as ‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles’. This means that the rules for operating an Eskuta are the same as a pedal cycle.

Your Eskuta will not require any road tax, insurance or plating. You can also ride your Eskuta in bicycle lanes and your Eskuta is exempt from congestion charge.

No. Our range of bikes are not Twist & Go. Our bikes are "electrically assisted pedal cycles" (EAPCs). The 'walk mode' button will assist the bike up to a speed of 4 mph (6 kph); pedaling is then required to activate the motor up to its maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 kph).

Eskuta EAPC’s are restricted to a maximum of 15.5 mph to comply with EAPC regulations.

It’s really easy! There’s 2 ways:
1) Plug the adaptor directly into the charging socket on the bike.
2) Simply remove your lightweight lithium-ion battery and take it in your home, school, university, work or anywhere with a standard 13 amp socket outlet and charge away.

Our light, weight Lithium Ion battery can be charged approximately 800 times, which is more than twice the number of an equivalent lead acid battery.

Yes you have the option in the ‘check-out’ area to buy another battery at a subsidised rate.

Yes you can, please see the ‘Take a Test Ride’ tab.

If you’re buying your bike through a local approved Eskuta dealership then you can expect exactly the same service as buying your Eskuta directly, only with the added benefit of being close to you. Your local dealership will deliver your new Eskuta free of charge if you’d like, but there’s more chance of you wanting to pick it up and get out riding.

Delivery is dependent upon your location; we always try to get your Eskuta to you as quickly as possible. In the shopping cart area you will have an option of standard free delivery within 7 – 14 days or a fast-track delivery service within 5 days at an additional cost.


As standard your Eskuta comes with an ultrasonic imobiliser alarm system and steering lock. 

Eskuta’s are built to exacting standards with a host of safety features as standard. Eskuta’s are much safer than an ordinary pedal cycle as the components and manufacturing process used is the same as a motorcycle.

Unlike a pedal cycle, Eskuta’s have powerful highly efficient disc brakes, LED front & rear lights with LED side indicators and built in controls such as the horn. Because an Eskuta is larger than a cycle, it has much more road presence and can be seen far more easily by other motorists.

Yes you can, but this will affect the speed and battery range.

This depends upon the weight of the rider and conditions of the road. As an average approx. 40 miles (60km) range on a single 6-hour charge can be achieved. You can of course buy another battery as a spare and double your range.

Yes, we carry every single part of an Eskuta in stock so you can be assured if you need to replace a part, the chances are we can get it to you within a couple of days. If you need a part, just call our sales-line