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Delivering last mile delivery to thousands of businesses across the UK.
Partnering with leading brands such as Just Eat, Dominos Pizza, Papa Johns, Premier, Budgens, Londis and many more.

Last Mile Delivery

The recent world events, buying habits have irrevocably changed consumers
spending habits and how they want their goods and services delivered.

Similarly, to the fast-food restaurant market, consumers are now used to, and expect every manner of product to be delivered to their door. Convenience and grocery store
delivery is no exception, and as margins are extraordinarily tight, the questions are, how is the LMD piece done efficiently, and moreover, cost effectively?

We work with our clients to provide scalable, zero-emission last mile delivery (LMD) solutions that contribute to the reduction in margin erosive delivery costs, improve efficiencies in congested streets and deliver goods without polluting our towns and cities by.


    Lower your overheads by taking petrol out of the equation. Your costs will be significantly reduced when compared to combustion engine vehicles.


    Get your name out there! Deliveries made on branded e-bikes will promote your brand while giving your service that professional edge.


    Stand out from the crowd and improve add to your CSR portfolio by demonstrating the environmental credentials of your organisation, advertising your move to renewable energy and reducing your company's carbon footprint.


    Aids traffic flow by utilising the use of cycle and bus lanes, also our models allow you to flow through the traffic, rather than sit in it. With our models, deliveries are right to the customer’s door, making delivery more cost effective and efficient.

Last Mile Visability

Last Mile Visibility is a term usually used when describing the visual logistic delivery  journey, from in-transit status through to final arrival date via a App or similar technology.

It is in-fact far more than just this. Companies spend an inordinate amount of money developing and promoting their ‘brand’, to capture consumer spend, which is partly developed by a huge amount of hard work to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Companies consider the products or brands they carry, the packaging, the quality of the
ingredients, the performance of the product and then on many occasions hand this over to a complete stranger from a 3rd party delivery company, who at the doorstep is promoting their brand, not yours. This is not a clever or sustainable model. The value eroded is not just in the price of the actual delivery, but the opportunity that has been lost with the consumer in promoting your brand.

Eskuta work with companies to ensure your corporate brand is visible on your customers
doorstep with branding and imagery on the bike and on the rear delivery box, enforcing
your business’ credentials, building credibility and loyalty.

Laka Insurance

We are partnered with Laka Insurance to provide 5-star claims service so you can have peace of mind.
Laka have been voted 'Best Cycle Insurance Provider' for 3 years running.

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