Calling all England fans!

Celebrate The Three Lions' glorious past and own a piece of electric biking history with the limited edition Eskuta SX-250 Euros eBike.

Only 66 of these beauties are available, a nod to the last year England men ruled the world.

Don't miss out on your chance to ride in style and commemorate a legendary win - these limited-edition Eskuta SX0-250s are sure to disappear faster than a penalty shootout!

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SX-250 Series 4 Classic Electric Bike 66 Edition

SX-250 Series 4 Classic Electric Bike 66 Edition

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The SX-250 Series 4 electric bike - limited edition.

Branded with the '66' logo in honour of when the England Men's team ruled the world, this is your chance to get a piece of history. There are only 66 available, so grab one before it is too late!

The electric bike - is built and engineered like a motorcycle but ridden without all the fuss. It’s a true standout in the e-bike market, boasting a design that captures the spirit of a motorcycle with all the cost savings and freedom of being a true EAPC.

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