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All of our electric scooters are classed as “electrically assisted pedal cycles” so they can be ridden on the road and in cycle lanes by anyone over the age of 14. Plus, we forgot to mention there’s no license or tax to worry cool is that?

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An electric bike offers the ideal alternative to cycling, riding a moped, even getting the train or bus. Your own electrically powered scooter means independence at a very low cost or urban cargo delivery.

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The Ideal alternative 
for urban deliveries

Our electric delivery bikes offer substantial cost savings for local deliveries; ideal for takaways and fast food, or e-cargo & last-mile delivery in urban areas.

SX-250d Delivery Bike

Our Electric Bikes

Our electric bikes, scooters and mopeds are available to buy online and are delivered directly to you, wherever you are in the UK. Buy electric mopeds and scooters for leisure riding or delivery/cargo bikes, ideal for last-mile-delivery.

Pre-order electric bikes require a £500 deposit. The remaining balance invoiced pre-delivery. See the product page for full details.


Sure, an Eskuta bike is all-electric, cheap to run and eco-friendly but the benefits don’t just stop there:

14+ yrs to ride
No Licence
No Insurance
No Tax
Ride Anywhere
Truly Affordable Electric Bikes

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FREE or Expedited delivery

We know that you'll want your electric bike as fast as possible so we've got a couple of options to get your shiny brand new Eskuta direct to your door.

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