Eskuta Insurance

Do I need to insure my Electric Bike?

Simply speaking, for the SX-250 models, no you don’t. The SX-250 eBike is classed as ‘Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles’ (EAPC) so just like a bicycle, no insurance is required.

What would happen if your Eskuta was in accident or stolen? Or if you were involved in an accident that injured someone else?

It’s something to think about and we believe erring on the side of caution is the best way forward! So, we have developed a very cost-effective form of cover for your Eskuta with our partner Laka.

You can insure your Eskuta for theft and damage from as little as £6 per month.

Please note, the SX-800 Electric Motorcycle must be registered with the DVLA and requires insurance, road tax (free) and a CBT licence/ A driving licence issued before 1st February 2001.

A little about Laka

Just click the link below and complete the simple form and get your Eskuta covered… just in case.