Peace of mind guaranteed

It’s hugely important to us that every Eskuta gives you a long lasting and amazing rider experience. That’s why every Eskuta is made with care and to our own exacting, almost fanatical requirements.

Apart from the stringent quality control of our manufacturing, each Eskuta has a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) by our factory-trained technicians here in the U.K. So you can be guaranteed that when you take delivery of your Eskuta, it is exactly how we intended it to be. just amazing!

Eskuta’s are built to last and that’s why we give a 1-year or 8,000 miles warranty on every machine we make. Petrol scooters will need an MOT after 3 years, but not an Eskuta! Because an Eskuta has an electric motor rather than a combustion engine like on a petrol moped, there are very few moving parts and very little to go wrong. And of course making oil changes, changing spark-plugs and filling-up with petrol are a thing of the past!

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