From Nuneaton to Scotland, the Eskuta SX-250 e-bike arrives on the Isle of Cumbrae - Eskuta

Eskuta SX-250 eBike Rentals Available In The Isle of Cumbrae

Our SX-250 e-bike has made its way onto the beautiful Scottish Island of Cumbrae on the Ayrshire coast.

Thanks to our new partnership with legendary shop Mapes of Millport, a family-run business that has been serving the community on the Scottish island since 1946, our electric bike is now available for hire via the stores award-winning bike hire service, which is particularly popular with both residents and tourists, who access the island via ferry in their droves during the summer months.

The partnership came about when Scott Ferris, owner of Mapes of Millport, was looking for a new and innovative e-bike manufacturer to add to the shop's current fleet of bikes and found the Eskuta bike during his research.

Scott said he immediately knew that it would be a great fit for the island and told us,

"The Isle of Cumbrae is only a 10-mile round trip, so the max speed of 15.5mph means visitors and residents can get around the whole island in an environmentally friendly way - without stopping that is - in approximately 40 minutes. Furthermore, our island has a beautiful viewpoint at the top - the Glaid Stone, which is 120m above sea level. It's a challenging uphill route but with the Eskuta bike, it's effortless and makes it more accessible for adults of all ages and fitness abilities to get up there on two wheels and enjoy the view."

We have to say we couldn't agree with Scott more, with the island being so small, it's perfect for getting around via e-bike which also means less congestion and zero emissions, especially important during those busy summer months.

Our SX-250 has already gained a reputation as a reliable and practical mode of transportation in other parts of the UK, with its popularity being down to its low environmental impact, affordability, enhanced safety features, and ease of use for everyone.

The addition of the Eskuta SX-250 to the rental fleet at Mapes of Millport means locals and visitors to the Isle of Cumbrae can now experience this innovative vehicle for themselves. So if you're planning a trip to Cumbrae, be sure to visit Mapes of Millport and take an Eskuta e-bike for a spin!

To find out more about Mapes of Millport and our SX-250 e-bike, please visit their website here.


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