Life's too short to sit in traffic.

Life's too short to sit in traffic.

Eskuta - Kicking Petrol's Ass

The Eskuta vision is a simple one: to bring freedom of motion to the masses. We believe we’re creating a revolution – and we’d love you to come along with us on the ride. All of our electric scooters are classed as “electrically assisted pedal cycles” so they can be ridden on the road and in cycle lanes by anyone over the age of 14. Plus, we forgot to mention there’s no license, tax or insurance to worry about; how cool is that? Eskuta’s are designed with only one thing in mind: you, the rider. Sure, an Eskuta is all-electric, cheap to run and eco-friendly but more than anything they’re amazing fun to ride.

Using the latest lithium-ion battery and ‘super-torque’ motor technology, no other electric scooter looks like an Eskuta or performs like an Eskuta. We don’t conform to convention, and neither do you. Innovate with us and let’s do it in style. Don’t be left in the dark. Join the revolution. #GetVolts

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Apart from the stringent quality control of our manufacturing, each Eskuta has a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) by our factory-trained technicians here in the U.K.

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If you’re buying directly from Eskuta then we will deliver your new bike directly to your door. All Eskuta’s come built and undertake a PDI or ‘Pre-Delivery Inspection’, so you can be sure your Eskuta reaches you in perfect order.

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Eskuta’s are built to last and that’s why we give a 2-year or 10,000 miles warranty on every machine we make.

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