AIR POLLUTION: While air quality has improved since 2010, air pollution remains the top environmental risk to human health in the UK. It is particularly acute in towns and cities, and combustion engined vehicles is the major source, constituting 80% of nitrogen oxides concentrations at the roadside.

CONGESTION: Time lost as a result of congestion costs the UK economy approximately £2 billion per year. As well as the huge economic costs, congestion also imposes serious environmental costs, as internal combustion engine vehicles are less fuel-efficient when driven in stop-start traffic, increasing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. These impacts are particularly severe in urban areas.

NOISE POLLUTION: In England alone, the annual social cost of urban road noise was estimated in 2010 to be £7–£10 billion. This includes the costs of sleep disturbance, annoyance and health impacts from heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

SPACE: There are six cars for every ten people in the UK, but the average car is unused 96% of the time. Parking spaces occupy around 15-30% of a typical urban area, creating an inefficient use of limited space.

URBANISATION: The number of people living in urban areas in England is forecast to rise by 4.7 million between 2016 and 2041. As cities and towns become increasingly crowded, it will be essential to rethink our relationship with vehicles to avoid exacerbating the challenges of today. In England 45% of all journeys taken by urban residents are less than2 miles. For many people, these trips could be easily undertaken by sustainable, active modes of transport, such as cycling, which support local economies and have huge benefits for health.

Eskuta are committed to helping both companies and individuals adopt single use electric transportation, which will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, for the heath and benefit of the planet and us all.

“To Inspire Sustainable Mobility and Freedom for the Masses"