Sustainable Mobility with Ebikes

Designing and manufacturing our own products shouldn’t come at a cost to our planet. So, with every decision made and process we undertake, we’re thinking about the impact we’re having on the world. Our E-scooter Light Bracket, for example, is made out of a blend of recycled and ocean plastics, while our packaging doesn’t include any plastic at all. Where we can, we perform regular checks and engage with our suppliers to understand where improvements can be made as we develop more new, exciting products.

Everyone can contribute to sustainability and protecting the environments resources by
reducing our emissions.

Mobility, specifically traffic-based mobility, is responsible for more than a fifth of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Using an eBike helps to lower this value, reduce traffic and relieve the environment.

An eBike is ideal for transporting people or cargo and allows us to do without our cars more often, making journeys healthier and more relaxed. An eBike requires little space and causes neither noise nor exhaust fumes. The switch is a win for the environment and therefore for every one of us.

A Clean Alternative

eBikes are the answer to many challenges of contemporary mobility: shortage of resources, climate change and urbanisation. eBikes are an efficient means of transport, especially over short distances. People who ride eBikes get around more economically and with less environmental impact.

This is the case even though more energy is required in the production of the battery and drive system than of a non electric bicycle. However people use eBikes more often and for significantly longer distances. In everyday life, the eBike can replace a car or a van, for example when eCargo bikes are used for shopping or delivering goods, and the energy required is very low at around 7Wh of electricity per kilometer travelled.

Manufacturing our eBikes

The Eskuta sustainability strategy aims to minimise the environmental impact of our products and ensure transparency and responsibility in the supply chain and establish a recycling economy.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners and suppliers to ensure the components used in our manufacturing process are as sustainably sourced as possible.

We work hard to micro-package our products so we can maximise the shipping process and reduce our packaging, which we dispose of sustainably. All of our eBike products are fully assembled in our U.K. factory and delivered to our customers without any packaging to dispose of.

All our Future

At Eskuta, we like to think that we are contributing to the sustainable mobility of the future. This is not just part of our corporate responsibility, but also a sign of our respect for our customers, suppliers, partners, environment and nature and all of our futures.