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Eskuta E-Bikes Delivery: Boost Mehmood's Takeaway Business

In this series we take a look at how electric bikes are making life easier for a variety of different people in different situations in the UK.

Electric bikes are providing solutions for riders who undertake a multitude of tasks including commuting to work, getting around campus and delivering takeaways or local packages.

The advantages of using electric bikes are vast, and we have put together the information below based on real-user experiences.

Today we're talking to Mehmood who has owned an Eskuta for 7 months, who talks about the advantages of having an electric bike to for delivering takeaways from his fast-food business in Bournemouth.

Getting takeaways delivered

Mehmood has owned and operated his fast-food restaurant in the centre of Bournemouth for over 10 years and was looking for a low cost, economically friendly way of delivering the food in the local area around his city centre takeaway.

An Eskuta electric delivery bike now allows Mehmood's employees ride and deliver takeaways all around Bournemouth City Centre. Deliveries are on time, the journey is comfortable and the cost savings are significant enough for Mehmood to be considering expanding his delivery network to allow for electric deliveries to the suburban areas of Bournemouth.

Running the electric bike is working out more cost effective too.

Mehmood's delivery riders don't need a licence or CBT to ride the electric bikes, and there's no road tax or MOT needed either. Significantly lowering the costs and worry around who's riding the bike and when tests are due.

Mehmood tells us:

"Over the last 6 months the cost of delivering takeaways has been reduced, thanks to using Eskuta's electric bike".

"I wanted to be able to deliver ethically throughout the City, where customers are becoming more and more concious of the environmental impact a car or moped would have, making a simple delivery like this".

"It's great to know that now we're using electric bikes we're not impacting on the environment and our customers still get the same great service and fast delivery times".

"I'm also very aware of how much money the business and I are saving as a result of switching off the moped and investing in electric bikes".


Our Thoughts:

We're really pleased that we're helping Mehmood, and the story is the same for takeaway delivery companies all across the UK, switching to Eskuta's electric delivery bikes.

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