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Eskuta Delivery eBikes for Eco-Friendly Business Operations

Going green is getting increasingly popular, with more and more of the UK’s population are not only seeking viable options to make themselves more environmentally friendly, but also looking at what businesses are doing to heed the environment.

We are a population who have truly grasped the importance of sustainability and with that we are continuously seeking ways to improve our carbon footprint.

From energy consumption in the home to the way we dispose of our litter, it all matters, now more than ever. But what about what businesses can do?

Customers are attentive

Your customers will pay attention to the way you do business. So your telephone manner is friendly and helpful, your website is slick and responsive and your product is the best that it can be. But how is the order delivered? 

Some businesses rely on the ability to deliver a customer’s order quickly and efficiently; which is especially true for the take-away food industry. You and your business need to be equipped to deliver from your premises to the customer’s home in a timely manner.

Are you using a petrol moped?

The transport used for delivery is often chosen for it’s convenience - A moped provides the delivering company with the means to safely transport an order in the most practical way in any urbanised area.

Petrol engines however, are counter-productive for any business striving to achieve an environmentally friendly image, where pollution from a moped is worse than most other vehicles on the road.

According to a publication in The Telegraph, studies show that scooter emissions aren’t just bad, they are worse than those of a lorry. (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/10834679/Scooters-pollute-more-than-lorries.html).

Even without reading the details, that statement is not good for brand-image, let alone the eco-friendly approach your customers are seeking from you.

Your brand

The chances are that your business name and logo are on your delivery bike, visible to other motorists, your customer and their neighbours, meaning any environmentally conscious onlooker is likely to associate your company with unethical transportation methods.

What’s the solution?

From a cost and eco-friendly point of view, thousands of businesses across the UK are turning to electric delivery bikes to complete their transformation in to a truly green business.

Financially, the cost savings from switching to electrically powered delivery bikes start at the point of purchase; where electric scooters can retail at as little as ⅓ the price of an equivalent petrol powered bike.

Running costs are slashed with the complete dismissal of petrol (and exhaust fumes), along with the lack of requirement for MOT’s, road tax and driver licensing. As a business owner these savings alone are a dazzling rationale for switching to electric power on the roads.


More importantly however, the CO2 emissions from an electric bike are zero. If you average 50 miles per day, the savings are 5,852 grams of CO2 emissions. That’s more than 2 tonnes a year.

That’s a great reason for your customers to want you to keep coming back.

Find out more about Eskuta’s electric delivery bikes and start adding up your cost savings, for your pocket and the environment.

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