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5 Amazing Benefits of Electric Bikes

Electric vehicles have taken the World by storm over the last few years and it's never been easier to own, operate and maintain an electric car or bike as your primary vehicle.

Cars, motorbikes and even commercial vehicles can now be charged up and run on public roads alongside petrol powered motors and most of us wouldn't even notice the difference. But there are a few...

We're going to focus on bikes, where the market has been saturated for decades by the pedal cycle and the petrol powered moped.

electrically assisted bikes

These travelling solutions have worked well for either someone looking for a very cheap, demanding pedal powered bicycle or the expensive to buy, expensive to run petrol powered motorbike.

Now there's the electric bike - A perfect hybrid of gentle pedal power and an electric motor to get you from one point to another with the ease of a throttle and the cost savings of a bicycle.

Let's look at the real advantages:

Urban riding

The best thing about any bike is that beating traffic jams is a doddle. Take advantage of gaps in traffic, bus lanes (legally!) and smaller routes which other vehicles simply cannot use; Traffic jams become a thing of the past and your journey time in urban areas is significantly reduced.

This is ideal for just about anyone but the cost savings can be counted especially by delivery companies who can get more work done.


If you've ever stood next to a petrol moped you'll know that the cobustion engine is LOUD.

Replacing it with an electric bike and you'll hear almost nothing. In fact an electric moped alternative is so quiet that they can be ridden even in noise restricted areas late at night.

The nitty-gritty: Running costs

Petrol Vs Electricity... We all know that electric power is significantly cheaper. A single charge of an electric bike's battery will cover 50 miles before it needs another charge. That's enough to get you:

  • To work and home again
  • Around campus all day
  • Back and forth to the shops - A lot!
  • To complete all your last-mile deliveries

And all on one battery charge which can be counted in pennies. When the battery is low a simple overnight charge will get you back on the road to do it all again.

An electric bike means no more trips to the petrol station - That's a big saving in itself.

Regular maintenance of a petrol vehicle involves other expenses such as an MOT, insurance and other taxes. These are all eliminated when you switch to an electrically powered, pedal assisted bike.

Vehicle costs are a serious factor too, where outright cost of buying a petrol moped can be several thousand pounds. A good quality electric bike can cost as little as £1,395. And it's yours to keep.

Safety, rideability, security and features on an electric bike are all comparable to those of a petrol powered bike, and they look good too. Eskuta's bikes have been designed with style and functionality in mind.

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