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Eskuta Delivery Ebikes: A Modern Solution for Urban Deliveries

Electric Bikes Can Change Everything About Urban Delivery

The most obvious choice for urban deliveries for businesses all across the UK is mopeds. They offer speed, convenience, low fuel costs and are agile enough to offer great maneuverability within compact driving conditions.

In fact, thousands of mopeds are used across the UK capital every day to deliver a just about anything from take away food to documents, electricals and even vehicle parts.

But mopeds don't offer any environmental advantages and they are no longer the most cost efficient way of completing urban deliveries.

The problem nowadays is that there is more and more focus on ethical business and environmental challenges equate to businesses needing to reconsider the way items are delivered. Especially in dense and built up areas like cities.

Petrol mopeds omit a very high volume of CO2. And although when compared to larger vehicles they appear cost effective, they still incur costs which add up and take a slice of profits.

A modern solution is to utilise electric bikes.

Until recent years, electric bikes have been seen as nothing much more than a motor attached to a regular push bike. But with technological advancments from the work of companies like Eskuta Ltd, electric bikes have become a real alternative to the moped.

An electric bike can look like a moped and offer higher speeds, delivery boxes as well as lights, indicators and other features which resemble a petrol powered road bike, but with none of the emissions and some real savings in the tax, MOT and other factors.

Costs are low - Fuel for example, costs here can be counted in pennies. A simple battery charge gets you 50 miles. And if you need more there's always the option of having a spare battery.

Electric bikes are looking like the ideal alternative to petrol power in urban areas and the future looks to be getting more and more friendly towards electrically powered vehicles.

Find out how electric bikes can help your business for urban deliveries by contacting us today.

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