Electric Delivery bike

Under our ebike hire to own scheme, we can help get you on the road to employment and after less than a year, it’s yours to keep*

Better still, for each new rider you introduce, we’ll take £5 per week off your hire fee.

Benefits for your business

• Ability to employ 16+ years to ride an Eskuta

• Insurance not required (we recommend public liability insurance)

• Staff flexibility – allows for in-store team members to be cross-trained to deliver

• Larger staffing pool and recruitment cost savings.

• No CBT License Required

• Able to house in-store – all electric motor, no combustible fuel or pollutants

• Ride in bus and cycle lanes; improving delivery time efficiency

• Almost silent, it can be used late at night in provincial locations

• Ethical delivery solution – a great PR story for any restaurant brand!

the details

Agreement Includes

  1. A brand-new Eskuta SX-250 in your choice of colour.
  2. 2 Services by us during the agreement period.
  3. A built-in GPS tracker for your (and our) security.
  4. A delivery box large enough for 5 Large Pizzas (Sx-250d model only)
  5. White glove delivery by us- fully assembled
  6. Demonstration of use and key features on delivery.
  7. 1-year / 8,000 mile warranty. 



Eskuta are the U.K's largest eCargo bike brand - used by the U.K's largest fast-food brands. (Based on number of bikes in service)


No couriers here! We will deliver your order to you ourselves and show you how to use and care for your Eskuta.


Every Eskuta that leaves our factory has a 1 year or 8,000 mile warranty.


We've made it as simple as possible for you to order today for a low amount and spread your payments.


Choose either our SX-250 for leisure use or delivering with a back-pack or the SX-250d delivery bike below and you can check out today with a deposit of £250.

Our checkout process will let you set up a regular weekly payment of £60.

Your first £60 payment will not be taken until 4 weeks after you place your order.

At the end of the first 20 weeks, you may return the bike and your deposit will be repaid (subject to our Terms & Conditions).


You can choose to ‘Extend’ the ‘Hire’ for a further 10 weeks. If this option is chosen, at the end of the secondary hire period of 10 weeks, you will have the option to forgo your initial deposit and pay a £20.00 administration charge for the transfer of ownership of the bike into your name and the bike will be yours to keep.

If you have any questions, please call us on 024 76 350150 or email h2o@eskuta.com

Prior to delivery of your bike you will be asked to upload proof of your identity and address to support your rental agreement. Once this information is uploaded, you will receive a confirmation of ‘acceptance’ or non-acceptance’ of the hire contract. If your hire application is ‘accepted’, your weekly hire will commence approx. 4 weeks from the date of order. Bikes usually are delivered within a 2 week period from the date of the ‘hire acceptance’.

In the event that your application is not accepted, you will be refunded your full initial deposit.

Eskuta rental is subject to acceptance of our Terms & Conditions

You can select the colour of your eskuta as part of the checkout process

prefer to buy outright?

Use code STUARTSX250D for a special price of £1,595

Use code STUARTSX250 for a special price of £1,395


How do I charge my Eskuta?

1) Plug the adaptor directly into the charging socket on the bike.
2) Simply remove your lightweight lithium-ion battery and take it in your home, school, university, work or anywhere with a standard 13 amp socket outlet and charge away.

How many times can the battery be charged?

Our lightweight Lithium Ion battery can be charged approximately 1,000 times, which is more than twice the number of an equivalent lead acid battery.

What security does my Eskuta have?

Security is a major factor whether you a private customer, professional delivery rider or a company. As standard your Eskuta comes with an ultrasonic imobiliser alarm system and steering lock.

What is the Delivery Lead-time?

Delivery is dependent upon your location; we always try to get your Eskuta to you as quickly as possible.

Each Eskuta is built to order, and comes fully assembled. Each order has a ‘Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) and test ride to ensure your Eskuta is perfect.

Due to the recent high volume in orders, delivery time is estimated at 7 weeks from your date of order. We will call and notify you once your bike(s) is put in to production and we have you on a delivery schedule. 

How is an Eskuta delivered?

We will deliver your new Eskuta directly to your door. Bikes are delivered fully assembled and charged, ready to ride. All bikes undertake a PDI or ‘Pre-Delivery Inspection’, so you can be sure your Eskuta reaches you in perfect order.